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The Stewart Tartan Glengarry Hat is a traditional Scottish headwear that perfectly complements your Highland dress outfit. It is made with high-quality wool and features the iconic Stewart tartan pattern, which has been worn by Scottish clans for centuries. The hat features a traditional ribbon band and a pom-pom on top, adding to its unique style and charm.

This hat is perfect for formal occasions, such as weddings and ceilidhs, as well as for everyday wear. It is perfect for weddings, ceilidhs, Highland games, and other formal events. The hat’s classic design and tartan pattern make it an excellent choice for those who want to showcase their Scottish heritage and pride.

The Glengarry hat is a type of cap with a fold-down back and a pom-pom or toorie on top. One of the great things about the Stewart Tartan Glengarry Hat is its versatility. The Stewart Tartan Glengarry Hat is no exception, and it adds a touch of style and heritage to any outfit.

  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Body: Royal Stewart Tartan
  • Cockade: No
  • Trim Color: Black
  • Pom Color: Red
  • Lining: Cotton
  • Size: Select

Complete Customize:

Complete Customized Kilt is a service offered by Wedding Kilt, the ultimate Scottish clothing and accessories shop. With this service, customers can create their very own personalized kilt by choosing from a wide range of options.

To start the customization process, customers can choose the tartan pattern they prefer. Wedding Kilt offers a vast selection of tartans to choose from, including clan tartans, district tartans, and more.

Weight 1 kg


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