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The Buchanan Wool Tartan Trousers, which has ties to Loch Lomond’s coasts and a history dating back to 1225, made news in 2018 when they named their first clan chief since 1681. This tartan is unique because of the stark contrast between the two colours, and red was historically used to signify wealth because it was an expensive colour to produce using natural dyes. The Buchanan is a terrific option for tartan trousers, and the bold colours simply call for a straightforward shirt or jacket in navy or black to accent them. You can also have a lot of fun accessorising with the brighter colours. Include a red or yellow pocket square, a tartan tie, or a bow tie.

The modern slim design of these Buchanan pants gives you a more slender leg shape than you would get from classic trews, and they look best with a narrow bottom hem width. The hem can be altered to your preferred width; it is constructed to a standard width of 16 inches.

Several Buchanan clan tartan varieties, including Ancient, Weathered, Repro, and Hunting, are also offered for these pants.

      • Buchanan tartan fabric, 10 oz.
      • There are two side pockets and one hip pocket.
      • Loops for belts
      • up to the knee

Only dry clean

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