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Argyle Jackets

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The Best Argyle Jackets for Men

The Argyle jackets Highland is a shorter than regular jacket with gauntlet.The cuffs and pocket flaps and front cutaway for wearing with a sporran and kilt. It can  tweed, tartan or solid colour material. The Argyll is the standard day wear jacket.

It is traditionally pair with a standard collar shirt and a plain colour. The tartan tie to match your kilt or tartan trousers. A semi-dress sporran can worn with a five button waistcoat to make the outfit more formal but this is not essential.

An argyle jacket is a type of jacket that is traditionally make from wool. The  tweed Jacket and features a diamond-shaped pattern call argyle. These are typically single-breasted and have flap pockets, and they can be worn with or without a waistcoat.