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Scottish hat

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Scottish Hats for a Classic Wardrobe Statement

The Scottish hats is known as a bunnet, while in Wales it is name a Dai cap. We offer golf caps in five different tartans.The more well known Royal Stewart to the military Black Watch tartan. Glengarry Bonnets | The Glengarry Bonnet is a traditional Scottish cap made out of a thick-milled woollen material.

The ‘Scottish Bonnet’ and has around since the 16th century. This has since evolved into several variations including the Balmoral bonnet, Glengarry hat (worn predominantly by military and pipe bands) and Tam O’ Shanter (Tam).

The bonnet takes the form of a knitted, soft wool cap with a flat crown. This traditional Scottish hat can be worn as part of both informal and formal Highland dress, making it a beautifully diverse asset to your wardrobe.