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Step into Your Wedding in Style with Our Premium Kilts and Accessories

So, you intend to wear a kilt to a wedding in Scotland. Good decision! The wedding kilt is an essential component of Scottish wedding custom and a wonderful way to display your proud Scottish ancestry. However, there are certain considerations to make about kilts and what to wear with them. But do not worry! Before the big day, review the information below on your wedding kilt gear!


We advise classic evening wear with a Prince Charlie jacket for a more formal wedding. The rear of the highland dinner jacket has short tails attached to it, and there are three buttons on either side.To complete the ensemble, it is advisable to actively wear a three-button waistcoat, a plain shirt (typically white), and a plain bowtie (either black or matching the jacket color) to complement the jacket and kilt. Completing the formal wedding look requires a full dress sporran, which is a pocket that hangs outside the kilt.

Tartan Kilt

A Tartan Kilt may be chosen instead for a semi-formal wedding. A semi-dress sporran with a fur covering on the front will work to complete the semi-formal wedding style.

Buchanan Tartan Kilt
MacGregor Tartan Kilt
Scottish National Tartan Kilt


To complete your wedding style, you should also think about the following additional accessories:

Kilt flashes:

The tartan strips on the kilt match both as a support for the hose and for decoration. A kilt pin is important and traditionally attached at the bottom corner. Some Scottish men wear a clan crest on their pin to show their ancestry. The sgian dubh is a small knife with a sheath that is worn in the sock on the outside of the leg, preferably on the same side as the dominant hand.

It is now time for you to go shopping. We hope you feel comfortable and enjoy the day no matter what you choose to wear, whether it’s to your wedding or someone else’s!

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