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Safety Sgian Dubh is a replica without a blade, making it perfect for younger wearers and events like graduations. Palladium plating gives the metal fittings a durable, highly polished appearance.

Usually worn with full Scottish Dress, a Sgian Dubh (articulated ski-a-doo) is a formal knife with a decent edge (not a collapsing cutting edge). Most of the time, its forefront is less than three inches (7.6cm). The plural form of Skene du, Skein dhu, skean dhu, or Skhian dhubh is typically sgian-dubh or occasionally sgians-dubh.

Safety Sgian Dubh:

  • Material: Nylon
  • Fitting: Palladium Plated
  • Blade: No
  • Color: Black
  • Stone: No
  • Type: Wear with Kilt Hose
  • Style: Safety
  • Size: 17cm

The name means “dark knife” or “dark blade.” This is said to be the case because of its collection of experiences, which included being discretely covered and stashed under the arm. Its faint weapon-like output went against the Good Country norm of visitors leaving their weapons at the door before entering a home. From the mid-1800s on, it is depicted in compositions as being worn with socks.

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