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One of several kilt belt buckles with distinctive designs is the antique Rhombus buckle. Set off the rest of your tartan kilt outfit with this belt buckle.

Material: Pewter
Finish: Antique
Type: Embossed
Style: Scottish Rhombus
Size: 10cm x 7.5cm

The Kilt Belt  is a beautifully designed accessory for any kilt outfit. The buckle features a classic diamond-shaped rhombus design, with intricate detailing that gives it a timeless and elegant look.

The antique finish on the buckle contributes to its appeal, enhancing its rustic and vintage feel, which complements traditional Scottish dress perfectly.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this buckle boasts a sturdy build that can withstand regular wear and tear, ensuring it lasts for a long time. To achieve an authentic and vintage look, the buckle undergoes a careful process that includes treating it with chemicals and sanding it down to create a weathered and aged appearance. This process actively gives the buckle its antique finish.

The Rhombus Kilt Belt Buckle Antique adds timeless elegance to any Scottish outfit. It features a diamond-shaped rhombus design with intricate detailing and an antique finish for a rustic, vintage look. This buckle is perfect for impressing whether one is attending a formal event or adding traditional style to an everyday outfit as an accessory.

Weight 1 kg


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