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The military bagpiper doublet jacket is a stunning and stylish outfit perfect for formal occasions, especially Scottish weddings and Highland Games. It’s inspired by the uniforms of the Scottish Military Pipers, and features a double breast design, a raised collar and gold buttons. The jacket is usually made from a high quality black or red fabric such as Barathia leather or velvet, and can be decorated with traditional Scottish knits or quilts.

The military bagpiper doublet jacket is usually worn with a kilt, lace boat, lace cuffs and belt. It can also be worn around the wrist for a more formal look. The jacket is sure to turn heads and make you look your best at any event.

Material: 100% Wool
Fabric: Blazer Wool
Lining: Satin
Style: Bagpiper/Doublet
Type: Scottish/Highland/Military
Buttons: Silver Chrome
Laces: Silver
Fastening: Buttons
Shells: Detachable with Laces
Epaulets: Decorated with Laces & Buttons
Cuffs Style: Decorated with Laces & Buttons
Skirt Flaps: Decorated with Laces & Buttons
Size: Made to Order

Complete Customize:

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