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Kilt Hose Green is extremely durable and knit according to the highest manufacturing standards. Elastane and synthetic wool are used to create our hose. They are beautiful full-length ribbed kilt hose with a ribbed and diamond pattern on the upper cuff.

This is a staple piece of traditional Scottish Highland dress. These beautifully crafted socks are made from high-quality materials and are designed to be worn with a kilt. They feature a classic ribbed texture, and their striking green color adds a pop of color to any kilt outfit.

These hose are made from a blend of materials including wool, nylon, and acrylic, providing both warmth and durability. The top band is also reinforced for added strength and support. The Green Kilt Hose is a comfortable and practical accessory that is perfect for any Scottish occasion, from weddings and ceilidhs to highland games and other cultural events.

Material: Acrylic Wool & Elastane
Cuff: Ribbed
Type: Kilt Hose
Style: Diamond Top
Overall, the Green Kilt Hose is a classic piece of Scottish hosiery that complements any kilt outfit. They are designed to provide both style and comfort, and their quality construction ensures they will last for many years to come. If you’re looking for a way to add a touch of Scottish heritage to your wardrobe.
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