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The Hunting Stewart Tartan Kilt Flashes consist of synthetic wool and feature elasticized garters with hook closures. To achieve the full traditional Scottish look, these flashes are worn with kilt hose.

These are an essential accessory for any Highland dress outfit. Made from acrylic wool, these flashes come in the Hunting Stewart Tartan. A classic Scottish tartan featuring a bold red and green check pattern with hints of yellow and black.

Designed to be worn just below the knee with kilt hose. These kilt flashes serve both a functional and decorative purpose. The elasticized garters with hook closures help to keep the kilt hose in place. While the decorative tassel on the outside adds a touch of flair to the overall outfit.

The Stewart clan, one of Scotland’s oldest and most renowned clans. It has a rich history associated with the Hunting Stewart Tartan. The tartan’s design and colors were initially influenced by the Scottish landscape, with the red representing heather and the green symbolizing the rolling hills.

These flashes can be paired with a Hunting Stewart Tartan kilt for a complete Highland dress outfit, or they can be worn with a variety of other tartans for a customizable look. They are perfect for formal occasions such as weddings, ceilidhs, and other special events, as well as for everyday wear.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, these Hunting Stewart Tartan Kilt Flashes are made to last and will add a touch of Scottish heritage to any outfit. Whether you’re attending a traditional Scottish event or simply want to incorporate a bit of Highland dress into your wardrobe, these kilt flashes are a must-have accessory.

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