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The Highland Mackenzie Tartan Sporran boasts top-tier cowhide leather craftsmanship, intricately adorned with the iconic tartan pattern. Tailored exclusively for tartan kilts, this distinctive Mackenzie Tartan Sporran seamlessly complements your ensemble. Its versatility extends to various fashion styles and Tartan Kilts, amplifying their elegance and allure. The sporran features a secure button fastening, three supple leather tassels, adjustable straps crafted from fine leather, and a resilient stainless steel chain.

What sets the Highland Mackenzie Tartan Sporran apart is its remarkable adaptability. Whether you’re embracing a classic Highland look or putting a modern twist on tradition, this sporran effortlessly complements diverse fashion styles and various Tartan Kilts. It takes the appeal of your outfit to new heights, infusing it with sophistication and allure.

Combining practicality and style, the sporran features a secure button fastening, supple leather tassels, adjustable straps, and a resilient stainless steel chain. Embrace Scottish heritage and elegance with the Mackenzie Tartan Sporran.


Material: Cowhide Leather/Tartan
Color: Mackenzie Tartan
Style: Camo
Type: Scottish/Highland
Tassels: 3
Fastening: Button
Attachment: Leather Straps and Chain
Hardware: Silver Chrome
Size: Adult and Adjustable

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Weight 1 kg