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Hand Embroidered Golden Doublet Jacket Our custom-made doublet in unique material will provide you a dependable professional look in your band, especially for a drummer who needs to have a 100% professional appearance.

  • Made of Quality Wool
  • Comes With Golden Buttons
  • Golden Braid
  • Padded & Removeable Shoulder Shells
  • Two Inch Standard Collar
  • Silk Lining

Further our fully customize automated sizing will give you complete access to get your Hand Embroidered Golden Doublet Jacket as per your body size just put your all body measurements in custom options and we will put it in our manufacturing to finish a complete stylish jacket for you.

Option to Customize Your Jacket:

  • Custom Size: Tailor-made, custom-sized kilts will fit perfectly and keep you comfy all day.
  • Standard sizes from XS to 4XL and everything in between is available in our ready-made selection, ensuring that we can suit you regardless of your size.

Complete Customized Jacket:

The Best Scottish Apparel and Accessory Store, Wedding kilt, offers a Wide Selection of Top-Notch, Custom-Made Outfits, Kilts, Jacket . We provide the highest level of customisation when making your Jacket. Sporran was specifically created for you. Just fill in the aforementioned choices to fully customise your Jacket and acquire a cutting-edge Jacket.

Ask for a necessary feature in the extra information section at the conclusion of the form if you do not see it there. Even with all the options we’ve provided, there could be a few things you’d like to add or modify. In that case, please get in touch with us. To meet your needs, we would adore to go above and beyond.

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