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The unique Blue & Green Maclaren Tartan Kilt – a perfect fusion of timeless tradition and modern style. This kilt stands out with its captivating combination of blue and green shades, each carrying its own meaning. The classic tartan design not only reflects the deep-rooted history of the Maclaren clan but also resonates with today’s fashion trends.

Blue & green maclaren tartan kilt formal events, cultural gatherings, or any occasion where a touch of Scottish tradition is appreciate, its combination of comfort, durability, and authenticity guarantees a remarkable experience. The Blue & Green Maclarens  isn’t just an ensemble; it’s a statement of heritage, a testament to skilled craftsmanship, and a piece that adapts to your individuality.

  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Tartan: blue and green
  • Style: Traditional
  • Type: Scottish/Highland
  • Straps: Leather
  • Buckles: Chrome
  • Hardware: Select Any One
  • Adjustability: 2″ From Waistband

Complete Customize Kilt:

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Weight 1 kg