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The DunBroch Tartan Kilt is a beautiful and unique piece of Scottish clothing. It was designe specifically for the Disney Pixar film Brave. It is inspire by the rugged and natural beauty of Scotland. The kilt made from 100% pure new wool and woven in the Scottish Highlands to the highest of standards.

The DunBroch Tartan is a modern tartan, designed in 2012 by Pixar Animation Studios. It is a rich and earthy tartan, with shades of blue, green, gray, and scarlet. The colors of the tartan said to represent the following:

  • Blue: the ocean blue of the North Sea
  • Green: the majestic highlands of Scotland
  • Gray: the inner soul of the strong Scottish people
  • Scarlet: the family’s reverence for its own history and the blood shed during battles between the clans

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