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The White & Black MacPherson Tartan Kilt embodies the essence of Scottish culture and style. With its distinctive tartan pattern, this kilt pays homage to the rich history of the MacPherson clan while offering a contemporary twist that adds a touch of sophistication to any wardrobe. The combination of white and black hues creates a striking contrast that’s both elegant and visually captivating. Craftsmen meticulously craft each fold and pleat, ensuring that the kilt maintains its shape and structure, while also allowing for freedom of movement.

The White & Black MacPherson Tartan Kilt can be worn to a wide range of events and occasions. Whether it’s a formal gathering, a cultural celebration, or simply an expression of your Scottish heritage, this kilt is the perfect choice. Kilt isn’t just about clothing; it’s a statement of connection to the MacPherson clan and a celebration of Scotland’s enduring legacy. Elevate your style and proudly display your roots with this exquisite piece of tradition and fashion combined.


  • Material: Acrylic Wool
  • Tartan: White & Black MacPherson
  • Style: Traditional
  • Type: Scottish/Highland
  • Straps: Real Leather
  • Buckles: Chrome
  • Adjustability: 1 Inch
  • Size: Made to Order

Complete Customize Kilt:

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Weight1 kg