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Wedding Tartan Kilt: 2023 Guide to the Best Styles and Looks

Wedding tartan kilt

Wedding Tartan Kilt:

If you’re making plans a Scottish wedding ceremony, or without a doubt want to incorporate a hint of Scottish background into your large day, a tartan kilt is a awesome alternative. Tartan kilts are each fashionable and traditional, and that they can dressed up or down to suit the formality of your event.

Choosing the Right Tartan:

The first step to selecting a wedding tartan kilt is to decide at the tartan itself. There are many exceptional tartans to pick out from, each with its own particular records and which means. You may need to pick out a tartan that represents your family clan, or definitely a tartan which you love the look of.

Traditional vs. Modern Styles:

A tartan kilt is a traditional Scottish garment made of wool with a cross-hatched pattern of horizontal and vertical stripes. It is knee-length and is typically worn with a sporran, kilt belt, and sgian-dubh.

Once you’ve got select a tartan, you need to determine on the style of your kilt. Traditional wedding ceremony kilts are generally product of wool and feature a classic tartan sample. They can pair with a Prince Charlie jacketwaistcoat, and tie for a proper look, or with a tweed jacket and waistcoat for a more informal look.

Modern wedding kilts are also to had in a number of patterns. Some present day kilts are craft from distinct fabrics, inclusive of tweed or denim. Others feature extra contemporary designs, together with pleats that are shorter or longer than conventional kilts.


No wedding ceremony kilt outfit is whole with out the proper add-ons. Traditional accessories include a sporran (a pouch this is wear at the front of the kilt), a sgian-dubh (a small knife this is wear tuck into the pinnacle of the kilt sock), and ghillie brogues (traditional Scottish footwear).

However, you don’t must wear all of these add-ons in case you do not want to. For instance, you could need to bypass the sgian-dubh in case you’re having a completely formal wedding. Or, you may need to wear a one-of-a-kind type of shoe, which includes dress footwear or boots, if you’re no longer cushty in ghillie brogues.

Tips for Wearing a Wedding Tartan Kilt:

Here are a few pointers for sporting a wedding tartan kilt:

Make certain the kilt fits properly. It have to be comfortable however no longer too tight.
The kilt have to sit on the right peak in your waist. It must be simply below your stomach button and above your knees.

If you are sporting a sporran, make sure it’s far the proper length to your kilt. The sporran need to sit down on the center of your thigh.
If you are carrying a sgian-dubh, make sure it’s miles tuck into the pinnacle of your kilt sock, with the blade going through down.
If you’re carrying ghillie brogues, ensure they are clean and polished.


A traditional Scottish garment worn by grooms on their wedding day, typically made of wool in a specific tartan pattern, and is paired with a jacket, waistcoat, and tie for a formal look.

Wedding tartan kilts are a tremendous manner to add a hint of Scottish subculture for your large day. With so many different tartans and styles to pick out from, you’re positive to find the right kilt on your wedding