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The US Air Force Tartan Kilt is a traditional Scottish kilt that is made from the US Air Force tartan. The tartan is a blend of sky blue, black, navy blue, with gold, red and white pinstripes. It is a popular choice for both men who want to celebrate their service in the US Air Force.

The Air Force tartan was designe in 1988 by the Strathmore Woollen Company of Forfar, Scotland. The tartan was create to honor the service of the US Air Force and to provide a unique and distinctive tartan for Airmen to wear.

The sky blue color of the tartan represents the clear skies that Airmen fly through. The black and navy blue stripes represent the strength and resilience of the Air Force. The gold, red, and white pinstripes represent the courage, sacrifice, and dedication of Airmen.

Here are some additional details about the US Air Force Tartan Kilt:

  • It is also made to a traditional Scottish design, with a pleate skirt and a sporran.
  • The US Tartan Kilt is available in a variety of sizes to fit all body types.
  • The Force Tartan Kilt can be customize with a variety of accessories, such as a belt, a sporran, and a sgian dubh.

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