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Real grey rabbit fur sporran is made of real fur and metal celtic cantle that has its own grace and quality. It is handmade with high quality real rabbit fur and chrome cantle. This sporran can be worn with a highland outfit or with a bagpipe band uniform.

Indulge in timeless elegance with our meticulously crafted Real grey rabbit fur sporran. Combining the richness of real fur and the allure of a metal Celtic cantle, this accessory exudes a distinctive grace and unmatched quality. Each sporran is lovingly handmade to ensure the highest standards, utilizing only the finest real rabbit fur and a meticulously detailed chrome cantle.

Whether you’re donning a traditional Highland outfit or showcasing it as part of a bagpipe band uniform, this sporran effortlessly complements your attire, elevating your entire ensemble to a new level of sophistication. Its versatility allows you to seamlessly transition from formal occasions to cultural gatherings, ensuring you always make a lasting impression.


  • Material: Rabbit Fur
  • Back: Genuine Leather
  • Color: Grey With Grey Tassels
  • Cantle: Metal Chrome
  • Style: Rabbit Fur
  • Type: Scottish/Highland
  • Tassels: 3
  • Attachment: Leather Straps and Chain
  • Hardware: Silver Chrome
  • Size: Adult and Adjustable

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