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The Macquarie Tartan kilt is a vibrant and eye-catching tartan with a rich history. It is the official tartan of Clan MacQuarrie, one of the oldest clans in Scotland. The tartan was first registered in 1820. It believe to based on a much older tartan that was wear by the clan for centuries.

The Macquarie Tartan kilt is characterize by its bold red and green stripes, with accents of black, white, and yellow. It is a popular choice for kilts, skirts, and other clothing items. As well as for accessories such as scarves, ties, and purses.

In addition to being a symbol of Scottish pride and heritage. The Macquarie tartan is also associate with a number of notable individuals. One of the most famous members of Clan MacQuarrie was Major-General Lachlan Macquarie, the fifth Governor of New South Wales. Macquarie a popular and respected governor. He is credite with helping to transform New South Wales from a penal colony into a thriving colony.

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