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How to Wear a Wedding Kilt: A Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Wear a Wedding Kilt

Wearing a wedding kilt adds a touch of tradition and elegance to your special day. Whether you’re of Scottish heritage or simply appreciate the unique charm of this attire, mastering the art of putting on a kilt is essential. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you look impeccable and feel confident on your wedding day.

Gather Your Attire

Before you begin, make sure you have all the necessary components for your kilt ensemble:


Select a well-fitted kilt in a tartan pattern that holds significance for you.


Choose a crisp white dress shirt or a Jacobite shirt for a more traditional look.


The sporran is the pouch worn in front of the kilt; it adds both style and functionality.

Kilt Belt:

This wide belt not only complements your outfit but also provides support for the sporran.

Kilt Pin:

A decorative pin that attaches to the front apron of the kilt, adding an extra touch of flair.


Opt for Ghillie brogues, a traditional Scottish shoe with no tongue and long laces.


Wear knee-high kilt socks, known as kilt hose, which are often folded down at the top.


Consider additional accessories like a tie, bowtie, or jacket, depending on the formality of your wedding.

Prepare Your Kilt

Unfold the Kilt:

Lay the kilt flat with the pleats at the back. Ensure the aprons (front panels) are aligned correctly.

Adjust Waist Straps:

If your kilt has adjustable leather straps and buckles on the side, loosen them to a comfortable fit.

Put on the Kilt

Stand Straight:

Hold the kilt in front of you, with the aprons hanging down.

Wrap Around:

Wrap the kilt around your waist, ensuring the pleats are at the back and the aprons are at the front.

Align the Aprons:

Make sure the aprons are even in length and hang symmetrically on each side.

Fasten the Buckles:

Kilt Buckle secure the kilt using the waist straps. Adjust the tightness so the kilt sits comfortably at your waist.

Style the Accessories

Shirt and Tie:

Put on your dress shirt and tie or bowtie according to your preference and the formality of the event.

Sporran Placement:

Attach the sporran to the kilt chains or straps, allowing it to hang just below the waistbelt.

Kilt Pin:

Slide the kilt pin through the front apron, aligning it with the fringed edge.Kilt Belt: Secure the kilt belt over the waistbelt, making sure it’s centered and snug.

Footwear and Final Touches

Ghillie Brogues:

Put on your Ghillie brogues and lace them up your calf, creating a distinctive appearance.

Kilt Hose:

Pull up your kilt hose, folding down the tops to create a neat and traditional look.

Assess and Adjust

    Stand Tall:

    Stand in front of a mirror and assess your appearance. Ensure the pleats are well-defined and the overall look is polished.

    Adjust as Needed:

    Make any necessary adjustments to How to Wear a Wedding Kilt, accessories, or overall presentation.

    With these steps, you’ll effortlessly exude the charm and charisma of a Scottish groom in a wedding kilt. Your carefully chosen attire will not only honor tradition but also make your wedding day even more memorable and meaningful.

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