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Cantle Fox fur sporran is made of real fur and metal celtic cantle that has its own grace and quality. It is handmade with high quality real fox fur and chrome cantle. This sporran can be worn with a highland outfit or with a bagpipe band uniform.

The sporran is a harmonious marriage of real fox fur and a meticulously designed metal Celtic cantle. The genuine fur exudes a sense of authenticity and opulence, while the cantle’s intricate design adds a touch of artistry to its overall charm. The chrome finish of the cantle enhances its quality, ensuring that it becomes a timeless piece in your collection.

Versatile in its appeal, the Cantle Fox Fur Sporran is an ideal complement to highland outfits, adding an element of grandeur to your attire. Moreover, it seamlessly blends into bagpipe band uniforms, symbolizing a sense of unity and pride among band members.


  • Material: Fox Fur
  • Color: Brown/Mixed
  • Cantle: Alloy Silver
  • Style: Fox Fur
  • Type: Scottish/Highland
  • Tassels: 3
  • Attachment: Leather Straps and Chain
  • Hardware: Silver Chrome
  • Size: Adult and Adjustable

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